Collection Services

  • Our recovery program is completely individualized to meet the needs of our Clients

  • Our system scans and skip traces for current phone numbers and addresses

  • Our statements are sent on regular billing cycles but can be manually sent upon request

  • We direct all calls to our TOLL FREE call center. The allows us to work the accounts and free up your staff

Collection Process

  • CBA of Ga is a full service collection agency offering the client state of the art collection services
  • Our software and the addition of collection modules allow us to remain compliant while still maintaining the recovery effort these services help protect our Clients and the customers interests
  • Integrated Dialer and automated letters individualized to your needs
  • Full Service legal team


  • CBA of Ga is a flat rate agency
  • No set up fee
  • No required minimum number of accounts
  • No penalties for the cancellation or returning of accounts

Services you can depend on