Proud to be a part of their team

April 10, 2017

Oconee Regional Medical Center has used the recovery services of CBA of Ga for over 20 years. Below are some of the items that are important to us and why we continue to support the collection processes at CBA:
Sharing data is easy and automatic. Accounts are automatically sent to the agency and nightly we transfer all relevant payment data to CBA directly from our system. On the reporting side we continue to operate as normal and reports are sent to the hospital as scheduled. Specialized reporting can be requested and CBA provides a quick turnaround.
Improved bad-debt recovery is at the top of our list. On the collections side, it is important to us that the outstanding balance is promptly billed and any skip-tracing completed in a timely manner. Obtaining bi-monthly payments from CBA has also improved our cash flow and processing of payments at the hospital.
Communication with CBA is streamlined and any concerns are addressed immediately by their management team. CBA is available to work with the hospital on every patient concern and resolve issues as they occur.
CBA has a trusted reputation, a track record of success, and strategy solutions. Oconee Regional Medical Center is proud to be a part of their team.